Changzhi Steel

Changzhi Steel

Shougang Changzhi Steel & Iron Co., LTD. is located in the famous Chinese city with beautiful scenery and long history, Changzhi city, Shanxi Province. The company set mining, coal mining, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling, cement manufacturing, engineering construction, forging machinery manufacturing, real estate development as a whole, the annual production capacity of 3.6 million tons of steel.

ZECO provides a solid backstop for Changzhi steel's fire protection system in case of emergency and also provides a safe backflow prevention scheme for municipal and Changzhi steel related pipelines to ensure the safety of drinking water.

Installation Scene of Backflow Preventers and Altitude Control Valve

Changzhi Steel

Packing List of of ZECO Water Valves

1. Pressure Reducing Valve DN50-200
2. Pressure Relief(Sustaining) Valve DN50-200
3. Backflow preventers DN50-200
4. Rising Stem Resilient Gate Valve DN50-200
5. Flanged Concentric Butterfly Valve DN50-300
6. Resilient Gate Valve DN50-300
7. Y-strainer DN50-300
8. Proportional Flow Control Valve DN50-200

Client Feedback of ZECO Water Valves

Safe and reliable, excellent technology.

Changzhi Steel
Changzhi Steel
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