Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou MetroIt is the third largest in China. It is also one of 14 members of the international union of subways.

ZECO provides a complete set of valve solutions for Guangzhou subway station, including water supply and drainage system and fire protection system. In addition to Guangzhou, many subway valves in China are designated to use the ZECO brand, including Shanghai and Xi 'an.

Production Field of Resilient Seated Gate Valve

Guangzhou Railway Station

Packing List of ZECO Water Valves

1. Pressure Reducing Valve DN50-200
2. Pressure Relief(Sustaining) Valve DN50-200
3. Rising Stem Resilient Gate Valve DN50-200
4. Resilient Gate Valve DN50-200
5. Y-strainer DN50-200
6. Worm Gear Wafer Concentric Butterfly Valve DN150-300

Client Feedback of ZECO Water Valves

Municipal valves, ZECO valve group quality, and safety trustworthy, stable performance for subway people to provide solid backing.

Guangzhou Railway Station
Guangzhou Railway Station
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