Attention to Dynamic Balancing Valve in Air Conditioning System Design

1. Dynamic balancing valve only plays the role of hydraulic balance and cannot be used for load regulation.
Because of the misunderstanding of the dynamic balancing valve, it is easy to think that balancing valve can also balance air conditioning or heating load, and replace the electric three-way valve or two-way valve with a balancing valve. However, with the dynamic changes of maintenance structure load or indoor load (personnel, equipment, lighting, etc.), it is required that the water supply of air conditioning equipment also changes dynamically in order to meet the requirements of indoor temperature and play a role of saving.

In large-scale air-conditioning system, after equipped with balance valves, the start, and stop of each equipment will not interfere with the water flow of other equipment, and balance valves play the role of hydraulic balance; while electric three-way or two-way valves throttle, can adjust the amount of environmental load required.

At present, the dynamic balancing valve with electric self-control function has been put on the market, and it is easier to realize energy saving in dynamic balancing air conditioning system according to load demand. Therefore, the dynamic balancing valve with electric automatic control function can combine hydraulic balance with load regulation, and directly control the flow by computer. It also simplifies the installation and is easy to install in a narrow space.

2. Dynamic balancing valve should not be multipolar
In air conditioning settings, the manual control valve is multipolar design. It is wrong to set up the concept of dynamic balancing valve in multi-poles according to this method. The reason is that if one or more of the lower equipment closes the electric valve and the upper balance valve is thrown to keep the flow unchanged, the flow of the lower equipment will increase, which will not only increase the flow noise, but also affect the use function, and also increase unnecessary economic investment.

3. Dynamic balancing valve should be set reasonably according to the temperature difference between supply and return water in winter and summer in air conditioning design.
In the four-pipe air-conditioning system, two balancing valves can meet the different water demand in winter and summer. When the temperature difference between air-conditioning, heating, and cooling water is different in winter and summer, the water flow varies greatly. Therefore, the balancing valves should be set in the two-pipe water system according to the different flow demand in winter and summer.

The first method is to set the variable flow dynamic balancing valve and change the valve in winter and summer.

Method 2: Set up two balancing valves. Valve 1 chooses valves according to winter flow rate. Valve 2 chooses valves according to the difference between summer and winter maximum water volume. Valve 1 in winter and two valves in summer are opened. Two valves are used to realize the four-pipe function of air conditioning equipment.

Method 3. Dynamic balancing valve with an automatic control device was used to set the flow through computer. Otherwise, because the air conditioning water flow is different in winter and summer, it is impossible to satisfy the water balance of two seasons simply by installing a fixed flow dynamic balancing valve at the air conditioning terminal.

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