Installation of Automatic Water Air Release Valve

The automatic water air release valve is mainly composed of a valve cap, a valve cover, a floating bucket, a connecting rod and a valve body. The floating bucket is connected with a connecting rod and can move up and down freely. Automatic water air release valves are usually set at the highest point and local high point of the system pipeline. They are used to automatically remove all kinds of gases in cold and hot water pipeline system, pressure vessel and central air conditioning system. They can prevent water spillover and prevent air gathering in the pipeline from obstructing the flow of water.

How to install automatic water air release valve

1. When installing the automatic water air release valve, check the return seat first, whether the O-ring on the connecting seat is assembled, whether there is damage, in order to avoid leakage. When the water quality is very poor, it should be checked and replaced regularly so as to avoid the rust stain sticking to the sealing surface leading to drainage phenomenon.

2. It should be installed vertically at the highest point of the system, and the hot water heating system should be installed at the highest point of the terminal valve of the pipeline system.

3. When installing the automatic water vent valve, tighten the connecting seat first, then tighten the valve body. After installation, the small end cover should be loosened to make the gas discharge.

4. When cleaning, tighten the small end cap first, and then remove the valve body and its components.

5. Do not loosen the connecting seat when unloading the valve body, and the return seat will automatically move up and close the passage.

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