Application Of Fire Protection Butterfly Valve

Fire protection butterfly valve is short for a fire signal butterfly valve, which belongs to one kind of fire protection valve.

Fire valve is an important accessory of industrial and building pipeline control. Fire valve consists of a valve body, opening and closing mechanism and valve cover. Among them, the fire signal butterfly valve has the advantages of simple structure, reliable sealing, light opening, long service life and convenient maintenance. Therefore, it is widely used in various pipelines of water supply and drainage system, building fire protection system, especially in fire protection pipelines.

Application of fire protection butterfly valve

Fire protection butterfly valve is usually installed in two parts: the front end of the horizontal main pipe flow indicator in the floor and the front end of the wet alarm valve in the main pipe.

The function of installing signal butterfly valves in the horizontal main pipe of the floor is to close the valve, open the end of the spraying system and empty the water in the spraying system of the floor for maintenance when the spraying system of the floor needs to be repaired. The second is that no water is allowed in the spraying system. When the butterfly is closed, a signal will be transmitted to the fire alarm system. The fire alarm system receives a monitoring signal (so it is called signal butterfly valve), which indicates that the fire sprinkler system on this floor is anhydrous and should be repaired quickly.

The signal butterfly valve at the front end of the wet alarm valve has the same function as the butterfly valve in the main pipe of the floor. One is to repair, the other is to indicate that the signal butterfly valve in the sprinkler system is closed and should be repaired as soon as possible.

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