Research and Development of Automatic Flow Balancing Valve

The key technology to solve this problem is that the automatic flow balancing valve can control the flow area of complex interception surface with its high performance spring installed inside the valve in the range of working pressure difference so as to keep the output flow constant.
The research of automatic flow balance valve involves the research of hydrodynamics, structural dynamics and mechanics.
In this paper, a new structure of automatic flow balance valve is presented. The mechanism of fluid motion, computer aided design and analysis of CAD and CAE, laboratory research and engineering application of the research results are studied.
Through the analysis of the flow characteristics of incompressible fluid, the mechanical model analysis of the end cap of the variable flow surface of the automatic flow balance valve and the determination of the viscous drag coefficient of the fluid, the parameterized equation of the variable flow surface is deduced, and the analytical relationship between the structural form of the curved section.
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