Air Valve

Air Valve

Each of ZECO's single air release valves and double orifice air release valves is a high-quality combination air valve, suitable for various sewage and wastewater systems and operating conditions. ZECO's air release valve uses an irregular round stainless steel ball, each of which has been tested under pressure of more than 40kg. Compared with the hollow plastic ball, it is easier to withstand the instantaneous pressure when the pump is lifted and prevent the ball from collapsing under pressure. When the series water injection, the air valve quickly discharge a lot of air in the pipeline.

Air Valve Products:

  • Single air release valve is divided into water and sewage, water air release valve with small size convenient installation, at the valve entrance will be installed with filters to prevent impurities i...

  • Double Orifice Air Release Valve is used in  municipal drainage pipe network, central heating system, central air conditioning system.

When the system is under pressure, the air valve can discharge a small amount of air and gas effectively; When the system is emptied, the air valve sucks in a lot of air. Each adopts the advanced design in line with gas dynamics, with fast inlet and exhaust port, automatic micro exhaust port and waterproof hammer device. The valve avoids air and gas accumulation, water hammer and pressure fluctuation, and has a good sealing performance at low pressure. There are typical application cases in every working condition, such as sewage and wastewater system pump station - discharge air, avoid forming negative pressure and prevent water hammer.

Sewage and wastewater system pipes - prevent air and gas from accumulating at the high points of the pipes, the turning points of the slopes and the road/river intersections, eliminate negative pressure, prevent the formation of negative pressure where water column separation is easy to occur in the system, and prevent pressure fluctuations and water hammer; Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants - prevent air and gas accumulation and negative pressure. Therefore, under any working condition, using the exhaust valve of ZhengFeng, we have the corresponding configuration strategy to provide to the customers of each using unit.

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