Backflow Preventers

Backflow Preventers

The problem of contaminated water due to backflow is emerging, and the health hazards caused by contaminated water are also alarming to engineers and water equipment suppliers. The problem of backflow water may occur in every place where water is used. We can learn about the harm caused by backflow water from the following two specific cases: A serious backflow problem occurred in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Backflow Preventers Products:

A pest control company contaminated the water supply when it used the insecticide to kill termites. The company USES water from garden pipes to mix chlordane and heptachlor in tanker trucks. The end of the hose is immersed in the chemicals, while water pipes in the area are draining.

When the plumber inserted the pipe into the gate valve, the water began to flow out because the discharge point was downstream of the tank car and there was no water backflow preventer installed, which caused the siphon phenomenon, causing the chemicals to be sucked out of the tank car and into the water supply system; The drinking water of a primary school in bowling green, Kentucky, was contaminated with ethylene glycol, a chemical used in an HVAC system, due to the lack of a backflow preventer valve.

When the contractor pumps the drinking water into the geothermal heat pipe, a small amount of ethylene glycol flows back into the drinking water under pressure. The university then issued a notice to ensure the safety of drinking water in the future, staff in the HVAC system pipes installed double check backflow preventer.

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