Balancing Valve

Balancing Valve

ZECO is currently the only manufacturer in China with accurate KV data and support debugging services. We have our own dynamic water testing system, and all the differential pressure control valves and balancing valves used in the heating system and heating system are tested with accurate data, so as to lay a foundation for good balance effect in the later debugging service.

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  • Pressure control valves use the balancing principle of hydraulic pressure and spring force to adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system and control other pressure related actions,Its main function is: k...

There are various kinds of balancing valves in the global market. Although these manufacturers can improve the appearance of products, they will basically be rejected or put forward a high commission charge when many customers ask them to provide debugging services. Balancing valve for the customer, in fact, not just buy products so simple, for the HVAC system, it is a whole, not a valve installed without debugging can be solved. 

Is abundant, as balancing valve debugging ability of professional manufacturers, our previous will first analysis of the entire system, and then according to the customer needs to achieve the temperature and equilibrium results to configure to meet the requirements of working condition of balancing valve and differential pressure valve, the valve again after the installation is complete, we will have a professional technical personnel to guide, debugging, and be responsible for the operation of balancing valve. 

As a customer, I believe that is the final balance as a result, rather than just one can only open valve closing small, because when I get the results of the final ideal balanced saved a year of electricity, heat pump and the experience of the customer's customer will be far more than the price of this batch of balance valve, but also repeated a year to help save a large amount of energy saving cost for used elsewhere, why not do it?
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