Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

ZECO is a Chinese butterfly valve manufacturer, the main production is water butterfly valves and so on. The rubber lined butterfly valve is especially widely used in operating conditions due to small installation and price advantage. Butterfly valves are usually used in switch valves of more than 12 inches in the water supply company. In building construction companies, due to space problems, valves of most sizes will be used to wafer butterfly valves and flanged butterfly valves.

Butterfly Valve Category:

  • The concentric butterfly valve is characterized by the stem center, disc center and body center in the same position. Such structures are simple to make. The common wafer rubber lined butterfly valves...

  • Double offset butterfly valves are further improved on the basis of single eccentric butterfly valves and are widely used. Its structure is characterized by the deviation from the center of butterfly ...

  • To withstand high temperature, the metal seal must be used, but large leakage; For zero leakage, rubber seal must be used, but not high-temperature resistant. In order to overcome the contradiction of...

The butterfly valve is simple in structure. Although it is small, it has all the parts and components. Other types of valves should pay attention to quality. Similar to rubber of butterfly valve set, because for wafer butterfly relies mainly on the rubber seal, there are a lot of shoddy rubber to cover on the market, they used reclaimed rubber to replace the original rubber, although cheaper a lot, but in the use of the site switch a few times, can cause gum set on the surface of the rubber strip, because of the reclaimed rubber bonding degree and the ratio of raw rubber to the adhesiveness of completely is not a class. 

In addition, recycled rubber is literally easy to understand, is used in other places of rubber re-processing use, because so, recycled rubber can easily produce secondary pollution, water pollution. In addition, in the friction part of stainless steel valve stem and shaft sleeve, many manufacturers will use plastic, although the physical properties of plastic and our copper shaft sleeve is not different, plastic secondary pollution and risk also exist. Therefore, although the product is simple and easy, we still need to choose professional butterfly valve manufacturers who can provide the material guarantee to guarantee the quality.
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