Gate Valve

Gate Valve

The resilient seated gate valve of ZECO is widely used and reliable in the water supply and drainage system of water supply company, sewage company, and various industries in big cities of China. Is abundant, established in 1991, at that time we only professional production of resilient wedge gate valve, and it is the Chinese market to introduce and the earliest development and production of cast iron gate valve manufacturers, now is already in 2018, we already known in the field of water gate valve production for 27 years, although the market of other China gate valves are very common and the price is low, but in the durability and reliability, we believe that the 27 years of research and development production experience has been able to prove it all, can at the same time, the quality of our response.

Gate Valve Category:

  • The resilient seated gate valves produced by ZECO are mainly used for connecting and cutting the medium in the pipeline and are widely used in the water supply, sewage treatment, metallurgy and p...

  • The rising stem gate valves produced by ZECO are mainly installed on various pipelines and used as two-way closed-circuit equipment. They are widely used in industries where the installation spac...

From the peace hotel, in 2007 began to supply the installation, up to now, without a cast iron gate valve is leaking, although our after-sales service mechanism is mobile, anytime, anywhere can solve existing problems in the working condition of the customer, but we believe that the customer requested does not allow the existence of the problem, not found the problem we are active to solve the problem after this situation, it is also the peace hotel owners have to give us the highest evaluation. We are also one of the makers of the national standards for water gate valves in China, which fully demonstrates our product status and rank in China. From the materials, we, as always, the pursuit of high-grade, high demand, valve used in ductile iron, before furnace after analysis in the process of casting, casting the spectrometer after finishing testing, metallographic microscope, and the body casting couplet of built-in test bar detection, a series of tests to ensure the reliability of the material in order to fully meet the requirements of customers to use more than 20 years.
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