The Working Principle and Application of Dynamic Balancing Valve

Ⅰ. The working principle of dynamic balancing valve

The dynamic balancing valve is composed of the automatic regulating valve disc and manual regulating valve disc. The working pressure of the system fluid is P1, and the pre and post pressure of the manual regulating valve disc is P2 and P3 respectively. When the manual regulating valve disc is adjusted to a certain position, the "set flow" and the corresponding fixed (P2-P3) value are artificially determined. When the system flow rate increases, the actual value of (P2-P3) exceeds the allowed set value, then the automatic regulating valve disc will automatically close down until the flow rate is maintained to the set flow rate, and vice versa.

Ⅱ. The application of dynamic balancing valve

1. The scope of application

The dynamic balancing valve can be used in urban construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, and environmental protection.

2. Product functions

Dynamic balancing valve is a valve with special functions. It has good flow characteristics, valve opening indicator, opening locking device and pressure measuring valve used for flow measurement. Dynamic balancing valve is used in the water system where flow control is needed, which is especially suitable for the flow control of non-corrosive liquid media such as heating and air conditioning. A one-time adjustment before operation can keep the system flow automatically constant at the required set value. With the special intelligent instrument, input valve model number and opening value, the flow value through the balancing valve can be directly displayed according to the measured pressure difference signal. As long as installing the balancing valve of appropriate specification in each branch and user entrance, it can make the user flow reach the set value using a special intelligent instrument with one-time debugging.

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