Nanjing LG Chemistry

Nanjing LG Chemistry

LG Chemical (Nanjing) Information Electronic Materials Co., LTD. is a large production enterprise invested and built by South Korea LG Co., LTD., a famous multinational group, on July 14, 2003. The company is located in the beautiful scenery of the national Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone LG Industrial Park, covers an area of 333000㎡. The company is committed to high-tech information electronic materials TFT-LCD polarizer and lithium-ion battery production.

ZECO has provided them with a safe and reliable water supply and drainage system plans, municipal water and domestic water separation plans and fire system valve plans.

Installation Scene of Backflow Preventers and Modulating Float Valve

Nanjing LG ChemistryNanjing LG Chemistry

Packing List of ZECO Water Valves

1. Pressure Reducing Valve DN50-200
2. Pressure Relief(Sustaining) Valve DN50-200
3. Backflow preventers DN50-200
4. Rising Stem Resilient Gate Valve DN50-200
5. Float Control Valve DN50-200
6. Resilient Gate Valve DN50-200
7. Y-strainer DN50-200
8. Hydraulic Non-Slam Check Valve DN50-200

Client Feedback of of ZECO Water Valves

No matter the appearance and quality of the products are worthy of ZECO in China's water valve door brand status. We hope ZECO will continue to innovate and shine in our new projects in the future.

Nanjing LG Chemistry
Nanjing LG Chemistry
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